Show057: How We Took Out Over $33,000 of Cash From Our Rental & Have an Infinite ROI


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"Success doesn't come to you, you go to it."

-Marva Collins


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$33,000 of Cash and an Infinite ROI


Being an investor is a lot like being a teacher; you need to have many strategies in your investing 'toolbox'.  If you do, then you will be able to get creative with the way that you buy, manage and liquidate properties. Today's show focuses on one of the strategies we recently used that enabled us to take out over $33,000 from one of our properties.  

As a result of this cash out, we know own the property with none of our own money invested in the property.  Which means our ROI (return on investment) is infinite.


The cash out refinance strategy is one that can be used in multiple avenues of real estate investing, but can be extremely beneficial in the rental property niche.  By buying a property below market value and forcing some appreciation into the value along with the regular market appreciation, you can go back and refinance equity cash out of your property.

That money can be used to buy another property, pay off a property or invest in another avenue.  Either way, this strategy can offer a lot of opportunity to the buy and hold investor.

We just used this strategy, for the second time, with one of our properties and were able to take out cash that we plan to reinvest into another property to continue to grow our portfolio.


In the show we discuss,

  • what a cash out refinance is
  • How a cash out refinance can save you from paying capital gains tax
  • why we chose this strategy for this property
  • the actual numbers before and after the refinance
  • how we renovated the property to help force appreciateion

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