Show058: A Summer of Vacation Rental Property Research-What We Found


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 "The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today."

-Elbert Hubbard


Vacation Rental Research

While enjoying our summer as a family, we decided to start researching the vacation rental niche.  We have always talked about adding a vacation rental to our portfolio, not just for the investment acquisition, but for our own family use. We enjoy vacationing and have a large family that often vacations together.  For years, we have talked about how it could be beneficial for us to invest in a property where we can continue to build memories of the many years ahead as a family.

To make your vacation home more appealing you can consider adding markiser in the garden and pool area so you can protect your family from the sun. You might want to consider calling in professional landscapers every once in a while, it really makes a difference in how nice a yard or garden looks. When adding plants to your new garden be sure to know the difference between snow vs marble.

To obtain more profit with the properties you can install an awning like the ones available at folding arm awnings Melbourne.

So, this summer we took to our vacation spots and met with realtors well versed in vacation property management and viewed properties to really see what was out there in terms of investments. We had to evaluate whether it would be a wise investment for us first and foremost. Before even heading to our annual beach trip, we contacted realtors and found one that works with investors and invests in property himself.

On the show we talk about how important it was for us to find a realtor that was also an investor and had a true idea of what the vacation rental market was like.

To our surprise, we learned a lot about what vacation renters look for when looking to rent a property and were able to walk through properties, with the realtor, and listen to how he would maximize the property to its potential.


In the show we discuss,

  • why we decided to look at vacation rentals
  • what things renters look for in a property
  • what the numbers actually look like in real property situations
  • why you need an investor friendly agent to help guide you
  • what our plans for the future will be

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