Show 006: The Successes & Struggles of Investing In Rental Property

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In show 6 Emily is joined by Patrick Smith who shares how he and his wife were able to take the first step in investing with buy and hold properties.  He shares with us how they were able to turn their first home into a rental and the different strategies they've tried all while being active in the military.  If you're just getting started and nervous about taking the plunge or have been struggling with buying in a competitive market listen to Patrick's story to inspire you and let you know that you're not alone.


What You'll Learn

  • How Patrick was able to turn his house into a rental
  • Various strategies to find properties
  • The struggles that many investors, including myself, face in a competitive market
  • Yellow letter strategy Patrick and his wife tried to use
  • How to manage a property in another state-utilizing rental property management

Resources Mentioned In The Show...