6 Undervalued Hacks For Real Estate Investors

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 "It's been my observation that most people get ahead during the time that others waste."

-Henry Ford


6 Investing Hacks


Real estate investing can seem overwhelming at times.  Especially if you are investing part time while working a full time job and are busy with your family, friends or hobbies.  That's why we decided to share with you these 6 hacks that you can use in your own real estate investing.

These hacks allow you to get your properties in front of the right people to get rented, allow you to easily keep track of mileage for tax time, avoid getting 'petty' calls from your tenants, pay off your mortgage faster, not get stood up at showing appointments and only look at properties that truly meet your goals and standards.

In the show we discuss these 6 hacks,

  • Facebook Ads for advertising rentals
  • Lease terms ($50 and under repaired by the tenant)
  • Using MileIQ to track mileage
  • Stacking your showings
  • Extra mortgage payment
  • Realtor preview properties for you

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