Show062: 6 Major Pillars to Buying Rental Property

ZerotoProperty Workshop: How To Buy Your First Rental Property

 "Better to do something imperfectly  than to do nothing flawlessely."

-Robert Schuller


6 Major Pillars


When you're looking to get started with investing in rental property, there are so many different paths that you can take to acquiring that first property.  It's easy to get distracted in has a lot of content, books, podcasts and TV shows related to teaching newbie investors the ins and outs.

We've learned through our own investing experience, that there are 6 major pillars that you need to work through when looking to acquire those initial properties.  Each of these pillars is pivotal to your success in finding a good property, at a good price in a good community.

In the show we discuss these 6 pillars

  • Laying the Foundation with Goal Setting
  • Getting your financing in order first
  • Understanding your ideal markets you wish to invest in
  • Knowing how to analyze properties
  • Completing your due diligence on properties
  • Understanding offers and negotiations

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