Show074: Our First Flip: Part 1

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"The best things in life are often waiting for you at the exit ramp of your comfort zone."

-Karen Salmansohn


Our First Flip

There's something invigorating about stepping out of your comfort zone.  For those of you who have followed Kirk and I are on investing journey, you know that our sweet spot is rental property.

We love it.  Truly buying rental property is a system that you follow.  You just find the property and plug the numbers in the system and it either meets your ROI standard or it doesn't.  It's pretty black and white.

Rental property has given a lot of financial success and freedom to us in our life.

But we've always had the desire to try a flip.  Not that we want to stop going down the rental property road.  The ability to build short and long term wealth rentals is something you can't find other places.

Yet, we've had the desire to take a property from nothing to a home for someone.  So when we had a property come on the market for $25,000 in our town, we knew the opportunity was here.

And we jumped on it.

We won the multiple offer situation and we are off to working on our first flip; currently we are installing a new Furnace.

In the show we discuss:

=>how we found the property

=>why we offered more than $10,000 more than asking price

=> how we spent the 2 weeks prior to closing

=> where we are now in the process of our first flip

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