Show075: 3 Things You Need to Know About Working With Contractors

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"Of all the passions, fear weakens judgement most."

-Cardinal Derets


What You Need to Know About Contractors


Working with contractors can be an intimidating and maybe even scary thing for a new investor.  Whether you are planning to use a general contractor for a renovation you need to complete on a new rental or just plan to use a few sub-contractors to tackle a few jobs on your reno, it can be scary.

You might not know what questions to ask, or where to even find a solid contractor to work with.  There are so many horror stories out there of contractors up and leaving after being paid some money or contractors who just never finished a job that they started.

I'm not going to say these things don't happen, but on this week's episode we want to share with you some tips we've learned through our own experiences of working with contractors.

Especially now that we are working on our first flip project that is being completely done by contractors we've learned even more that we feel is important for you to know.

In the show we discuss:

=>how to find reputable, insured contractors that you can trust with your property

=>How to go about getting a bid from a contractor & what you should expect at walk thrus

=>Why you should set up a payment schedule for your contractors that keeps everyone accountable for the project

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