Show076: 4 Pillars of Investing in Rental Property

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Investing in rental property is an avenue that is not for the feign of heart.  And while it is not as 'glamorous' per say as flipping houses, it can be a steady and stable way to invest for short and long term wealth.

There's a certain amount of control that comes to buy and hold investors that allows them to sleep at night and know that there money is working for them and their future.  While investing in rental property is definitely a risk (as is any investment) the appealing thing about rentals is that if you know how to find good deals and run the numbers right, then you should go into each investment knowing that, unless catastrophe strikes, you will make money.

In this show, Kirk and I decided to go back to the foundational pillars of investing in rentals.  What are the major pieces of the rental puzzle that attract people to choosing this slow and steady road?  We break down how principal pay down, tax deductions, cash flow and appreciation offer buy and hold investors multiple beneficial perks to rentals.

 In the show we discuss:

=>how tenants pay down your loan month every month

=>the benefits of tax deductions for real estate investors

=>how you can make cash flow each month from your rentals while building long term wealth

=>how you can invest in hot markets for appreciation and make some cash or invest and force appreciation to gain instant equity

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