Show77: Our First Flip- Part 2

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What You Need to Know About Contractors

If you tuned in to Show 74 then you know that we are stepping out of our comfort zone and working on our very first flip.  It's been an exciting journey and so far, really enjoyable.  We purchased the property for cash and jumped right in with interviewing contractors and getting the project going. Handyman Augusta is available to assist with your project.

Throughout the 3 months we've owned the property there's been a lot that has happened.  Whoever eventually buys the property will essentially get a brand new house on the inside.  We've replaced floor supports, electrical, HVAC, and more, all with the help of professionals like Electrical Synergies, LLC. When we bought it, the property had no floors downstairs and walls were ripped out due to busted pipes. First thing on our agenda was to shop cork flooring products for sale in Melbourne. For HVAC guidance and options visit

So it's been a project. And honestly it all went pretty quickly until we ran into inspection times. Honestly, inspections took up about a whole month of time. Between scheduling them and the contractor fixing a few things that needed attention including the Furnace. Then, we needed a more advanced inspector due to us changing the floor plan of the house.

But we're happy to announce that we are moving forward and we are to the point of drywall.  Which means it will really start to look like a house now.  And we'll get to see if our design ideas in terms of changing floor plan work when there are real walls.

 In the show we discuss:

=>how inspections slowed down the process

=>what projects have been done up to this point

=>what we plan to do in the coming month to finish the project

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