Show 008: Finding, Buying & Managing Properties From 165 Miles Away

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In Show 8 Emily brings back her husband, Kirk, to co-host an episode dedicated to describing their most recent rental property purchase.  Throughout the show, they talk about how they found the deal, they give you exact numbers from their deal down to the penny, and they share tips on managing properties from a distance.  Tune in to learn not only about their deal, but to learn many tips for rookie investors just getting started.




What You'll Learn...

  • How we found the property
  • The importance of having a realtor that understands your goals
  • The exact numbers (price, closing costs, seller credit, taxes, insurance) that make up the monthly payment
  • The cash flow and ROI on the deal
  • How we financed the property with traditional financing
  • Where to list properties & what pictures to include
  • Our future goals for our portfolio

Resources Mentioned In The Show...


Want To Learn More About Finding Properties?

SEO-48Click here to access our free video tutorial on where and how to find properties. We'll walk you through various websites and places to find properties, what to look for in a deal and what to look for in potential rental markets.  Get started now.


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