Show086: Dealing With Utilities as a Landlord

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Dealing With Utilities As A Landlord

It's show #5 of our week long podcast blitz bringing you some of the biggest questions, challenges and obstacles that are coming out of our awesome RentalRookie Community.

In this episode of the podcast, we were asked a number of questions regarding utilities as a landlord.  This is definetly a hot topic and one that is important when it comes to running a property analysis.  And the truth is as a newbie investor, there a variety of things mentioned in this show that you might not have thought about.

We discuss the pros of having the utilities separated (in multi-units) so the tenants have to cover them.  We also talk about other ideas that we and people in the RentalRookie community have done, such as charge a higher rent and include the utilities in the rent. We had one individual share the idea of calling the utility companies, e.g.,, and getting two years of data on the utilities and coming up with a set amount that the tenants pay each month to the landlord to cover utilities.

So lots of ideas you won't want to miss are in this one.

 In the show we discuss:

=>why having separate utilities paid by the tenant  is usually the easiest & keeps money in your pocket

=>calling utility companies and getting past data to come up with an accurate and fair utility cost for tenants.

=>charing a higher rent each month and just including the utiltiies

=> and more...

Links Mentioned in the Show