Show089: Real Estate Auction-We Bought Our First Auction Property

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We Bought a Duplex From The Auction Board with Investing

We're really excited to share with all of you that we bought our first ever piece of real estate from an auction.  We recently (and I mean two days ago) attended a live auction and had the top bidding amount.  What was crazy was that we didn't walk away with the property that night....even though we were the highest bid.

Yes, anyone that is familiar with an auction might think this sounds a bit odd.  And it was for us, for sure.  Despite us having the highest bid, there was a "seller confirmation of price" condition that went along with the auction.  Meaning that the sellers basically had to approve the bid.

Even though we were the highest bid.  They didn't approve our price.  So it took some strategy and the ability to walk away to help us win the deal.

Tune in to learn how we were able to secure this new duplex for our rental portfolio.


 In the show we discuss:

=>the importance of setting your goals with numbers before you go the auction

=>how we used strategy to help us win the deal

=>what we learned from this experience

=> and more...

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