Show093: 3 Things to Help You Prepare for 2018

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Prepare for 2018 and jumpstart your goals

As we come to the end of 2017, it's inevitable to not be thinking about or hearing people talk about goals for 2018.  Whether it is on the forefront of your mind or lingering in the background, it's something most of us are thinking about at this time of year.  It's an exciting time because it's a time for us to get a fresh start and have a new, positive outlook on what we can accomplish in the next year.

However, we want to help you get started on those goals NOW.  In this podcast episode, Kirk and I share 3 actionable things that you can do in these final 3 weeks of the year to help you get a jumpstart on the new year and your new goals.

There's nothing like starting the year off knowing that you already took some baby steps toward accomplishing your short and long term goals for investing in the new year.

We share with you why you should get a budget App or software that helps you know where your finances are in your own house before you buy an investment property.  The importance, as a seasoned investor, to "clean up your books" and look at what your properties actually made you this past year.  Lastly, we talk about taking the time now to set up 3 appointments for January with agents, lenders, insurance agents, lawyers, investors, etc. so that when the new year comes, you already have these set up and are ready to take steps toward those goals.


 In the show we discuss:

=>why you should find a budget App or software

=>the importance of 'cleaning up your books' as a seasoned investor

=>how setting up 3 appointments now will help you take steps toward your goal as soon as the new year starts.

=> and more...

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