Show096: Helping 100 People Buy Rental Property & Setting Goals for 2018

How to Buy Rental Property Without a Real Estate or Finance Background

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Looking Ahead to 2018

We've made it to a new year!  Wahoo! One of the things I love about the beginning of a new year is that fresh new outlook on a new beginnings.  It's always exciting for me to get a clean start and take what I've reflected and learned from the previous year and move forward.

While Kirk and I get made fun of a lot for goal setting (yes, even by my family) we love it and are excited to share with you our big picture goals for 2018.  The truth is we aren't really done with the actual goal setting process.  We've made our big goals for the year, but we are actually still working on the weekly/monthly action steps that we are going to take in order to achieve our big picture goals.

In this episode, we share with you our two big goals for the year and why it's super important for us to be focusing on systems and processes this year.  (Especially with a new baby coming)

We also share with you the new direction that RentalRookie will be going in 2018.  While we have spent most of 2017 researching and redesigning the website as a whole and developing a brand new membership platform.

Our new Pro Community will focus on training, community and mentorship.  We have a mission to help 100 of you buy rental property this year, whether it's your first or next rental.  And we realized that we need a more user friendly site with more focused trainings to help us and you reach your real estate goals.

So we are so very excited to open up on our new Pro Community on January 10th and helping you take action and reach your freedom! 

 In the show we discuss:

=>our goal of making $8,000 per month from real estate

=>the need to develop a system to deliver leads for deals to us

=>how RentalRookie is shifting in 2018

=>why we are moving from a Free membership site to a Paid membership site

=> and more...

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