Show097: [Case Study] How Our 1st Rental Property Made us $91,195.95

How to Buy Rental Property Without a Real Estate or Finance Background

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The Power of Rental Property

We've been hinting for a while that this episode was coming because we've been excited to share it with you.  Our very first rental property that we ever bought has gone full circle and we sold it at the end of 2017.

Rewind 5 years and when we first bought this property...we really didn't know much.  Honestly, I knew nothing.  Kirk knew a bit more than me.  But we jumped into this rental property investing thing really only knowing how to run the numbers.

We didn't know how to manage tenants or even where to find them.  We didn't know how to manage contractors or complete renovations.  It was a total learning process for us both.  And it's so fun to look back over the course of the 5 years we owned the property and see how much we've grown as investors.

I hope that this episode will inspire you to get out there and take action, even if you don't know everything yet.  The power of rental property investing is truly life changing.  And this story should help show this to you.

In this episode, we share the numbers and the story from when we first bought the property, the renovations we had to put into the property, the pipes bursting story and how we were able to sell the property with 0 days on market.

Remember if you want to learn more about buying rental property without a finance or real estate background join me on January 10th or 11th for a LIVE training.  I'll be giving you a sneak peek into the brand new RentalRookie Pro Community too!

 In the show we discuss:

=>why we chose to buy this property

=>the numbers behind the initial purchase

=>how we did a cash out refinance after 8 months and got back most of our initial investment

=>why we chose to sell it

=> and more...

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