Show099: Investing in Mobile Home Parks with Kevin Bupp

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Investing in Mobile Home Parks

If you haven't learned yet, there are plenty of different avenues investors can travel within the rental property investing niche.  While to an outsider, it may seem like one direction.  Within this niche, there are various types of properties and investments that can be made.

This was reinforced in this episode with Kevin Bupp, an investor for nearly 20 years, he shares insight into how he focuses on investing in mobile home parks across the East coast.  An experienced investor, he has invested in single family homes, multi-units, apartment buildings and ultimately now mobile home parks.

Since he has been investing for so long, he shares insight into the crash and how that impacted his investing and why it made him take a shift in his investing journey.

Tune in for some great nuggets of information any investor can learn from.

 In the show we discuss:

=>how single family homes and multi-units were a good place to start as an investor but lacked his ability to scale

=>he shares about his past as an "ok" student who started investing when he was 19

=>the importance of dedicating time to learning the niches within rental property investing

=> how "success is uncomfortable so get used to being uncomfortable"

=> how he plans to go from owning 1200-1300 lots to 10,000 in 5 years

=> and more...

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