Show135: A behind the scenes look at our student rental numbers

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Investing in Student Rentals

Within the rental property investing niche there are many different paths that you can take.  The different types of property you can invest in, albeit single family, duplexes, mobile homes, vacation rentals, etc, all offer their own variances in the investing journey.

While they are all classified as rental property each one offers a unique twist that allows investors to find the one that resonates with their goals for investing.

In this mini-series on the podcast we are going to break down student rentals and really dive into what they are, how they are different, what types of returns they can make for you and more.

This is 2 of 3 podcasts episodes that are going to focus on this topic.

What do the real numbers look like behind student rentals?

Like we mentioned in the first podcast of this mini-series student rentals can be a lucrative addition to your rental portfolio.  For example, a 5 bedroom house the normally could only rent for $800-$1000 brings in over $2,000 per month as a student rental.

So the ability to charge a higher premium for the property is definitely an added advantage to investing in student rentals.

In this podcast episode we give you a behind the scenes look at the actual number behind our student rentals in our portfolio.

We break down purchase price, total money invested, gross income, utilities, taxes, renovations and more so that you can see how these properties have given us a great return on our investment.

Even more, we talk about how we've structured a partnership that we have on one of our student rentals.


Therefore, you have to know what sorts of things are important to ask in the screening process with students.

Podcast Mini-Series 2 of 3

Stay tuned for the next episode of our student rental mini-series so you can learn everything you need to know about investing in student rentals.

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