Show159: The importance of tenant experience

tenant experience

It’s the 9th day of Christmas and it’s my birthday!!

And in the spite of gift giving in receiving I want to talk about tenant experience and how providing tenants with unexpected gifts can be huge in having proud, loyal tenants.

Think about it.

We put a lot of effort, time and money into buying these investments and we want to have a great experience ourselves so we need to have our tenants have a great experience.

How do we do this?

  1. We have welcome packages for our new tenants.

We provide new tenants with a welcome gift. It could be a gift card, welcome flowers, a gift basket of items you need when you first move in. This gives the tenants a great feeling when they move in and get things kicked off on the right foot.

We also provide a welcome package that gives them important necessary information that will help smooth the transition so that there aren’t any hiccups with the move in. Another one is we recommend our trusted professional moving services provided by Removalist Perth for their move.

2. We give holiday gifts to our tenants

Providing tenants with an unexpected small gift at the holidays leaves tenants feeling so appreciated during the holidays. We’ve had the sweetest messages and emails from tenants after we’ve sent cookies, gift cards, gift baskets for us thinking of them.

It goes to the notion of being seen, heard and appreciated by us as the landlord.

When we do this with our tenants, it helps create a better experience for all!