Show163: This is Your Year…Make it Happen

Your Dream

Yep….not just a new year…it’s a new decade.

And with that comes excitement and inspiration and motivation.

It’s like you wake up one morning a totally changed and motivated individual….

because that’s what happens.

We go to bed on December 31st every year and wake up a new person the next morning.


I’m here to tell you that this year… your year.

Stop letting your fears get in the way….

Stop letting what other people think about you get in the way…

Sit down and take control of your life and where you want to go.

Be intentional about what you want your like to look like.

Because I can tell you that Kirk and I sat down 8 years ago and sketched out what we wanted our life to look like.


Because we wanted to be different.

We wanted to live a life not like the average Joe.

We wanted freedom and flexibility and financial stability.

We committed to the family we one day wanted to have.

We committed to it so hard that we started working on that dream and that commitment two years before we even had children.

I can tell you that this ride that we have been on over the last ten years and has been wild and sometimes scary but it has been intentional.

I can look back now 10 years later and say that the things we wanted our life to look like when we were just babies who had just been married…

…they’ve come true.

You guys…..they’ve come true!

But it took a level of commitment and courage that few will pursue.

But I can tell you that it’s worth it.

So make this year yours.

Take action…dream big and commit to making those dreams become a reality.

Because you’re worth it!