Self-Managing for Success

Course Outline

As a newbie investor, one of the things you'll want to know is that self-managing your properties can keep money in your pocket.  But with that comes a lot of responsibility and some work (if you want to ensure you get good tenants in your properties).

In this course you will learn what information you need to include in a listing to get potential tenants to call.  There are definitely key words you should be using and certain pictures every potential tenant wants to see. We show you how to screen for tenants and tips on making sure you are doing your due diligence in vetting your potential tenants.

Lastly, we show you an example of our leases and discuss the importance of knowing your state landlord-tenant laws in order to protect yourself as an investor.

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» Beginner Level

» 4 training  lessons

» 4 Worksheets

» About 83 minutes