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Writing Listings & Scheduling Showings

Lesson Description

Writing a listing is something that should take thought and planning.  It isn't simply throwing 200 words on a Craigslist ad with one picture of the property and hoping for the best.  Put yourself in the shoes of a potential tenant.  You'd want as much information and as many pictures as possible of the property when you're looking online.

This lesson will walk you through what key words you should include in a listing, what information you NEED to include to get the best tenants possible.  Also, what types of pictures you should take and the importance of good pictures.  You don't want to put dark photos where people can barely see the room.

They'll immediately click off of your listing then because of the feeling they get with the lack of detailed pictures.

These tips will help you get people to respond to your listing and call to schedule showings.

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