28 Things to Consider BEFORE You Buy a Rental Property

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The things you should be researching and the questions you should be asking before you buy that first rental property- so you make a smart investment that makes you money.

  • Market Trends

    Learn about the rental market in your target investment community to see what properties people look for and what they will rent for?

  • Partners/Private Investors

    Think about bringing on a partner or private investor to help you find the funds to get that first deal.

  • Property management

    Do you plan on managing your property or hiring property management? This should be calculated into your analysis on a potential deal.

  • Rental Permits

    Do you need to acquire a rental permit to rent your property? Often the case for city rentals or vacation rentals.

  • Property Taxes

    Taxes come out of your monthly cash flow so making sure you are aware of current taxes & whether they will be going up can help you analyze the property for a more accurate current & future ROI.

  • Industry/Employment

    What are the different industries and/or employers that provide jobs for the people in the area you want to invest?

  • Condo/HOA Fees

    If you’re planning to buy a condo/townhouse be sure to find out about your association fees and rules.

  • Property Type

    Think about the type of properties you want to invest in (multi family, single family, section 8, mobile homes) to help you narrow down your search parameters.

  • Type of Neighborhood

    Do you want your properties to be in A, B, C, etc neighborhoods?  Find out the different areas of your investing community and what areas fit your goals.

and more...

It doesn't matter who you are when you get started.  If you don't know what sorts of things you need to be researching and paying attention to, anyone can fail.  But with a little help and guidance, you'll be on your way to thinking like an investor and buying that first property so you can start your journey toward financial independence.

Emily Du Plessis
founder of RentalRookie

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