147: Avoid these 7 common real estate investing mistakes

investing mistakes

When you’re just getting started with investing in real estate it’s easy to get caught up in the overwhelm of everything there is to know. You are learning everything on the fly and trying to put it into practice and it’s easy to let things slip through the cracks. We see it happen with new…

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Show146: Factor Based Investing for Real Estate

Factor Based Investing

When you are just getting started when it come to real estate investing there’s no doubt that it is overwhelming. Then when buying a new-build property there are always snags (so problems) but you can get those fixed before you buy if you conduct a quality snagging survey so that is essential if you are…

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Show145: Should I worry about a real estate market crash and other investing questions.

real estate market crash

Well….if there’s an elephant in the room when it comes to talking about the market I think it’s this question that Tatiana (from our community) asked. Kirk and I jumped right in to talk about it. There’s no secret that right now all over the news there’s some talk about the market and what may…

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Show144: How capital expenditure can ruin potential deals

capital expenditure

When it comes to buying rental property as long term assets one of the most important things you need to pay attention to is the capital expenditures of a property. You’ll often hear people refer to things like Cap Ex. And really, what those are, are the big ticket items that you may eventually have…

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Show143: Buy Rental Property with Partnerships

buy rental property

Buying rental property as a new real estate investor can be overwhelming, scary and flat out hard. There are a number of obstacles that come into play when beginning to invest in real estate and one of the major ones is with how to find the money to buy properties. A great investment strategy for…

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Show142: Stop wondering what’s on the other side of your first rental property

rental property

You guys….this week I’m here to inspire. Kirk and I often jump on the podcast to share practical tips and strategies that we’ve learned in the 7 years we’ve been investing. However, this week I want to inspire you. I want to share with you a dream I’ve had since I was a kid. One…

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Show141: How Bad Investments in Real Estate Can Ruin Your Marriage

Bad Investments

Even if you’re not married this podcast is for you. Because think about it…. Anybody that you become a partner with when it comes to buying property is like a marriage, that is why is so important to join the Dave Lindahl program. YOu’re committed to each other and your joint venture. So it’s important…

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Show140: How to Find Great Deals when Buying an Investment Property

buying an investment property

I get this question numerous times a week from members of our community. It’s definitely one of the things that many newbies want to know. You’re nervous and scared and want to know exactly how to find those great deals. The reality is finding a great deal on apartments and other properties is a process.…

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Show139: HELOC vs. Refinance , Common Mistakes for Newbies and Other Real Estate Investing Tips

real estate investing tips

We’ve had a ton of really great questions asked about the investing process recently. The reality is when there are great questions there are often others who have the same one. In this podcast episode, we break down some of our most recently asked questions from our RentalRookie Community Members. Real Estate Investing Tips Some…

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Show138: Finding the Right First Deal with Newbie Investors Grant & Sheila

First Deal

This is a can’t miss episode if you’ve been wanting to invest in rentals but are a newbie and are nervous about taking the plunge. Grant and Sheila were right there with you in wanting to make this a reality but facing many of the fears that we all face when we are getting started.…

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