Show081: How Community Infrastructure Can Kill Cash Flow

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Why You Should Pay Attention to Infrastructure

The cool thing about investing in rental property is that there is always something new to learn.  Whether you view this as a positive or a negative, as investors we must be open to learning and ready to take some of the unexpected when it happens.  While we can run numbers to ensure a good return, spend hours on due diligence of a property and a town and screen the heck out of our tenants....sometimes there are still things that can come up that will eat into cash flow.

In this show, Kirk and Emily share a recent experience they had in a community they invest in.  This blue collar, old town is finally putting in an actual septic system.  Sounds great, right?  Well, homeowners in the town have to front the cash in order to hook in their current sewer lines into the new system.  In some cases, depending on where your current sewer lines run, it could cost thousands.

Tune in to hear what we learned and how we now will ask about community infrastructure when we research properties and new communities.


 In the show we discuss:

=>How the sewer system could cost us thousands

=>what questions we will ask in the future when we invest in a new town/community

=>the importance of running numbers & accounting for the unexpected

=>an update on the flip (yes, we are almost done!)

=> and more...

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